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(03-11-2012, 12:43 AM)
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Originally Posted by hoverX

Ok, I'm trying to install snow leopard on a machine running leopard (and will eventually upgrade to lion). I'm using a disc from a macbook i bought my girlfriend a while ago. When i run the install app I get the message "Mac OSX Snow Leopard cannot be installed on this machine".

WTF. it meets all the system requirements. Is it because the disc is meant for another machine type?

I googled for the error message, and several results described the following procedure:
1) Boot from SN disc
2) Decrease size of main partition via disk utility (just a few GB, the amount probably doesn't matter anyway)
3) You should be able to install SN now
4) After installing, start disk utility again to reassign the unused disk space to the main partition again