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(09-13-2004, 01:56 AM)
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here is a post of mine from another thread.

I have taken actions, so should other Nintendo fans...

As you know, Sega is slowy ditching Nintendo, even though it's been it's most friendly supporter for it's Japanese titles...

my plea to Sega

Why are you making Super Monkey Ball for XBox but you aren't giving Gamecube loyal fans Jet Set Radio Future or Panzer Dragoon Orta or GunValkyrie.

Looks like just like Acclaim did with Turok and Squaresoft with Final Fantasy you want to betray Nintendo fans that were first in line to support your new venture as a 3rd party and call a truce on an old rivalry, but now you're just putting games on PS2 and XBox.

I bought Super Monkey Ball on launch day Sunday back in 2001, and I did is to show my support for Sega after reading how on how much Sega liked the Gamecube, but now you've turned your back.

I ask, WHY?!

I wouldn't mind if the other systems got the games also, but you are also giving them EXTRA content, and doing the same with Sonic Mega Collection. Why?

Also, why don't you bring the games on XBox and PS2 to Gamecube like Shinobi and Virtua Fighter.

You really lost my respect and many other Nintendo fans. If you don't believe me got to message boards, and in fact if you change your mind and put games like Panzar Dragoon Orta and Jet Grind Radio (or JSRF) game on Gamecube we'd support you again and buy those games at $50 and not wait for drops in price like fans of the other systems.

Also, I bought a Dreamcast and Sega Saturn AFTER I got a Gamecube and encouraged my Nintendo friends to do the same cause we liked Sega after they gave us Super Monkey Ball and Sonic, but now we might change our minds, but we'd really like an explanation.


then I get this reply:

Dear Mr. *****,

Thank you for e-mailing Sega Technical Support.

The console manufacturers advise Sega which games they want made for
their customers. We honor their advise.

Information about future Sega game releases is shown at our web site.

Just go to and select Sega of America. Future releases
are given by Title, by the Platform, and by the ESRB (rating).

Please visit this site frequently to get the most current information
about Sega and Sega games!

Sega of America Technical Support

this was actually a second e-mail, the first one was an automated or quick response one I think, and it told me if I wanted a specific response, I'd have to respond to that e-mail, but surprisingly, they responded anyway...

I wonder if Nintendo knows that it can advise Sega as to what games it wants on it's system...

"we honor their advise", yeah right, more like "we honor their moneyhats, in the form of endless 30-second ads on MTV and Comedy Central"...