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Originally Posted by wsippel

I'm not reaching far, I'm connecting dots:

  • The Wii U GPU was in the works at AMD Hyderabad from June 2009 to June 2011
  • SoCtronics worked with AMD Hyderabad from 2009 to June 2011
  • SoCtronics worked with AMD on the GPU I described
  • The GPU in question is not available at retail and doesn't match any off-the-shelf AMD GPU

The HD 5000 series also supports eyeinfinity without modification, unlike the 4000 series. If the Wii U GPU has derived from this chip, it also means that it will support DirectX 11/ OpenGL 4.1.

The issue I have with this possibility is why a modified 4850/4830 GPU would have been in the dev kit if Nintendo was aiming for something in the redwood family? Despite being older, bigger, and less efficient, the 4830/rv770 has more raw power than the 5550/5570. The newer dev kits apparently has a boost in power compared to the older kits, so that seems weird.

Originally Posted by IdeaMan

For all the wsippel interesting investigations concerning the GPU since a few days:

From what i can say, there were changes made on the GPU well after June 2011. Now, are we talking about "small" tweaking like boost of frequency, or more intricate modifications that concerns the chip design, i don't know. Is it possible for Nintendo to add a feature (like an improved tesselator), add more SPU, etc, without having to change the GPU too heavily, the board circuitry, bus, all the other components even slightly (because i guess the result must be balanced) ? And if they weren't satisfied and/or under the pressure of developers to boost the hardware, is it possible for them to choose another version of the GPU rather than trying to modifying it too much, this "late" in development ? In regard to videogames history, they can, but i don't know if it's the case here.

Interesting. Thanks for the info. If both wsippel and IdeaMan's info is true, the final GPU may be heavily modified from the listed specs of a 5550/5570.