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(06-14-2006, 08:36 PM)
Since I can't make new threads yet, I don't know where to put this...the latest Famitsu has new infos about Gyakutensaiban 4 (Phoenix Wright 4).

(taken from Court Records Forums)

- The new hero will be named Odoroki Hôsuke.
- Like Maya with Phoenix Wright, he will be followed by Minuki-chan, a "magician of mystery". She has a stick of magic and wear a silk hat.
- The game will start 7 years after GS3.
- No big change in the court scene.
- The dubbing is still done by Capcom employee.
- A famous television layer Kazuya Maruyama will help Capcom for the promotion of the game. It's unknow if he appears or not in the game.
- Development situation : 25%

Scans :

I think it deserves its own thread.