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Hari Seldon
(03-29-2012, 09:19 PM)
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Originally Posted by marrec

I'm a QC Manager at a medium sized manufacturing company.

I could probably answer a few questions, but as far as specific questions about the types of testing done or what was tested I wouldn't be able to answer you.

That said, I have done reading on the subject matter and consider myself more knowledgeable about it than the average person on the street.

I have a few questions then, I think as a QC person you can see where I am going with this haha:

1. Do the vaccines get studied when combined with other already approved vaccines?
2. When a new vaccine schedule is approved, are all the vaccines then restudied with their new partners in their new vaccine order?
3. How much of a variation exists between the different vaccine brands, and are these studied individually along the lines of #1 and #2 above? (i.e. I know you can get mercury free vaccines, so are the mercury free versions studied with mercury versions, etc. etc.)
4. What are the typical sample sizes for a vaccine study?
5. What is the sample population? Basically what is the entire sampling methodology for a vaccine study?