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Originally Posted by Dance In My Blood

I am probably around the same ranked ELO as Summons and I don't see stuff like that when I do try ranked. Obviously it's worth bringing up just so other people don't do the same thing.

You are not the same ranked ELO as summons. He's probably 1000 ish right now (-10 games)

Originally Posted by Dance In My Blood

Because you need mobility, especially as Warwick.

You don't want ghost on WW when he already has a speed up

Originally Posted by Wolf Akela

Well, Flash gives you mobility in a sense that it can give that surprise extension to your ult range. I don't see how Ghost would exactly be great on WW and Teleport depends on who else on your team has it, plus how many enemies can backdoor hard. Ignite gives him his only other ranged damage.

You are right, don't listen to him.

Originally Posted by Dance In My Blood

You are seriously crippling yourself if you take no mobility summoner. Ignite is a terrible summoner spell on WW if you're jungling. You lose out on escape, initiation, and ganks. You don't need ranged damage, that's not your job and it isn't going to help you that much. Being able to stick to someone with Ghost on or use it to come in for a gank would be far more beneficial than ignite.

I doubt he'd take ignite to jungle. Did you consider that perhaps he's laning? And No. No ghost. You have a fucking instant dash strike and speed up already. No. Stop acting like you know shit.

I just realised, you want to take ghost/smite on ww jungle HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA


Flash ult is just too weak, gotta take ghost.

Originally Posted by Ferga

Poppy will always be a demacian in my eyes!

Yordle scum

Originally Posted by brian!

scarra's informative to watch and all, but goddamn if he doesn't scare me sometimes with the way he speaks.

ex. "That was pretty dangerous, but, oh I should flash, and indeed I do flash, though I don't think he could have killed me...he says "screw your mr", haha, and I laugh, because that was a funny thing to say".

I just wish he'd start using own3d