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(03-31-2012, 01:54 PM)
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Ok, I have another Final Fantasy one for you guys. And I know no one's heard of it, because I'm the only person on the internet who's ever posted about it, even on the FFwiki.

FF13 managed to slip a very, very subtle reference back to FF3.

So Vanille's Eidolon is called Hecatoncheir

Here Vanille is defending her girlfriend Fang from it.

Here's Fang's Crystal (rotated slightly):

Here is Hecatoncheir's first appearance. He appeared in FF3 (Engrish fan translation, later ones fix the name properly):

And look what's he's defending:

Square-Enix, you clever writers, you slipped a reference that only the most die-hard fans would get. That's on the level of FF8 Hyne with no skin and FF3 Hein who is a skeleton.

So anyways I've posted a LOT of obscure FF facts in this thread....

Would anyone be interested in reading a regular column/blog/thread where I consolidate and talk about these things?