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(04-02-2012, 05:51 PM)
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January Post - Score: -3

February Post - Score: -4

Current Score: -4

Games I beat this month (but were rented and don't count):


Bought in March 2012 (-2):

Mass Effect 3 (Origin)
Mario Party 9

Finished in March 2012 (2):

Mass Effect 3 - The cause of this being a relatively boring month in terms of variety. Played a loooot of Mass Effect. I played and beat this with a new character, but then replayed ME2 from scratch, including all DLC, and have restarted this again.

Mario Party 9 - Sure, yea, finished. Why not.

Currently Playing:

Mass Effect 3 - Almost done with my second playthrough, and am pretty anxious to wipe my hands of this series. I do enjoy it but I want to get back to some other games I have on deck, like Dead Island and Kid Icarus, and DMC HD this week. Still, I'll drop anything I'm playing for new ME3 DLC when it hits.