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Originally Posted by NullPointer

Please spin this in a positive light HaloGAF. I know the so-called perks need clarification but I didn't know until now that those unlocks included weapons and armor abilities.

All weapons can and will be available "normally" in the sandbox in Campaign and or MP - depending on game mode. "Unlock" and loadout info will come in the weeks and months ahead. But I wouldn't worry about it. Be like freaking out because you start with Snipers in Team Snipers.

Obviously we have a lot of features and content to explain - some stuff we haven't even touched on. But the main band aid has already been ripped off. I suspect that most news from hereon out (with occasional rage diversions) will be good news for the vast majority of players and styles of players.

ANd I swear I am going to name that Mech Kyle.