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Lit himself on fire to get
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(04-11-2012, 08:05 PM)
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I love translated speeches! (Genuinely). I think I might be able to transcribe as we go. Not exact wording.

Grateful for feedback from everybody on feedback for the game. To be honest, when we were creating Dark Souls, there were no plans for a PC version at all, but with the strong support of Namco bandai, we are pleased to be here announcing plans for a PC version. Obviously, one of the biggest contributing aspects was the petition, the great voices from the fans, great voices, lots of encouragement from the team, a great factor in incoming PC content.

Obviously, new content is coming... for everybody out there who plays PC, we are hoping to deliver a very intense experience on the PC console (platform?) - I'm sure you're experience with the Dark Souls experience, but you can look forward to more of that experience on the PC.

I'm not very good on stage so I'll keep this short. Please look forward to more information.

- Games for Windows Live is on the box. I'm sorry, GAF.