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aoi tsuki
(06-24-2006, 07:19 AM)

by PJ



The hallway was eerily quiet as Solid Snake and Meryl Silverburgh progressed toward the set of double doors at the far end. Meryl led the way, both hands clasped around the handle of her Desert Eagle. Snake kept his senses alert for danger, SOCOM pistol held lightly in his right hand.

Meryl stopped suddenly, leaning heavily against the left-hand wall. She rubbed her forehead with her left palm, then bent over, both hands covering her agonized face.

"Meryl! Are you alright?" asked Snake, laying his left hand on Meryl's back.

"I'm…I'm fine. Just a little dizzy," groaned Meryl.

"Do you need to take a break?"

"No. There isn't time," replied the girl, standing up and flashing Snake a wan smile.

Meryl hefted her gun before resuming her advance on the double doors. Snake walked close behind the young woman, dividing his attention between his surroundings and her.

The doors opened easily, granting access to a large, well-furnished office with a massive desk on the far wall. Heavily laden bookshelves rested at each far corner, as well as antique busts of Roman emperors. Each bust's head was adorned with leather bondage gear, the first clue that this room served as the lair of one of the renegade Fox Hounds.

*zzzzzz....Snake!* hissed Dr. Naomi Hunter from the agent's Codec.

*What?* sub-vocalized Snake.

*...receiving strong psycho-emanations from the office you're in! It could be the renegade Psycho Mantis! Be careful...* said the doctor just before the signal snapped off.

"Watch yourself, Meryl! Psycho Mantis might be here!" warned Snake, the laser sight of his pistol raking over the length of the office.

When Snake glanced at Meryl again, he jerked to a stop, stunned to see the young woman pulling her green tank top over her head.

"Meryl! What the hell are you doing?" demanded Snake.

"I'm so frightened!" replied Meryl, slipping out of her trousers, the skin of her breasts adorned with goose bumps.

"We don't have time for this! Are you feeling okay?" frowned Snake while Meryl pulled down her panties, then approached him with nothing but her wavering smile.

"I'm so cold," murmured Meryl, standing close to Snake, her hands sliding over his body armor. "Warm me, please."

"Meryl..." stammered Snake, at a loss for words.

The naked girl tilted her head up, gazing imploringly into Snake's eyes, then smoothly pressing her lips to his, her mouth warm and sensual. Meryl wrapped her slim arms around Snake's waist, continuing her kiss, her tongue deftly slipping between his lips. Snake felt a hunger for Meryl blossom within his loins, he held the girl close, returning the passion of her kiss, then moving to her chin, throat, and left shoulder. Meryl moaned with pleasure, squeezing Snake's buttocks, rubbing her crotch against his.