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So, any guesses what other franchise they've been handed?

Remember, we know they're at least working with Capcom on one game.

The game includes swords, martial arts, and is built on Unreal Engine 3. It was also once said to be genre extending, so it might not be a series that's already an action/slasher game.

Originally Posted by Gamasutra

Spark Unlimited is an independent software developer currently focused on cross-platform, current-generation console games with well-established AAA franchises. We are in full production of LOST PLANET 3 for CAPCOM JAPAN. We are also in pre-production on another, unannounced established console franchise that is creating a bold new take on the 3rd Person Action/Slasher genre.


Spark is looking for an experienced Lead Combat Designer to join us in making a breakout hit based on an established console franchise. This is an opportunity for you to have a hand in creating a bold new take on 3rd person action slasher with horror elements for the PS3 and Xbox360. The Lead Combat Designer must own the quality and goals of the Combat team and lead the group to accomplish their goals. The ideal candidate is an outstanding designer with a proven track record designing and balancing combat, player controls, and AI for AAA third-person melee action games. Must have a thorough knowledge of game design theory and tools pipelines, possessing strong leadership skills, production-sensibilities, and the talent to produce and implement the highest quality work.

• Work closely with the Game Director and leads to develop a combat system that feels visceral, fast, and fun.

• Minimum of 5 years as a combat designer, or similar role, on current generation and previous generation consoles.
• Melee Combat system experience with player mechanics and AI behaviors.
• Understanding of sword fighting combat tactics, martial arts and weapons.

Preferred Skills
• Unreal 3 level building and scripting experience on a least one shipped console product.



The game also has multiplayer/co-op:

Originally Posted by Spark Unlimited

Lead Gameplay Engineer

-Develop and maintain network ready code to ensure that it meets multiplayer/coop functionality and requirements, including but not limited to client/server state replications, latency, synchronization, cheating, etc.


Edit 2:

A few more notes from various postings here:

Originally Posted by Spark Unlimited

(Lead Designer)-Third-person action combat or horror level design experience. Experience designing 3rd person action combat tactics and weapons.
(Senior Designer)-Third-person action combat level design experience. Experience designing 3rd person action combat tactics and weapons and scenarios.
(Character Animator)-Third person sword or melee combat genre experience.

It definitely sounds like a game that is primarily a third person action/slasher, but has some horror elements like, say, fighting demons. You also seem to use a sword as your primary weapon, but do have some other choices.