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Yessss!!! Demo next week!!

With your party of three Pawns, the demo allows you to experience the different styles of two of the gameís character classes in two challenging encounters.

A melee specialist skilled in both attacks and counterattacks, as the Fighter you will make your way through underground tunnels and chambers before taking on the deadly Chimera in a Prologue quest, set before the events of the main game. Swift and nimble, the Striderís weapons of choice are bow and daggers, use them well if you are to defeat the mighty Griffin in the open plains surrounding the capital of Gransys.

Let your imagination run wild and design both your playable character and main Pawn using the gameís incredibly in-depth character creation tools before you take on the Griffin; purchasers of Dragonís Dogma will then be able to export both these characters into the full game on its release.