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(04-17-2012, 03:42 AM)
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Originally Posted by BackdoorBeauty

Its funny, because one explanation/justification for armor abilities in Reach was because new players didn't really understand when and how to use equipment in Halo 3.

Now, the justification for moving away from static, timed power weapons is because new players don't know where power weapons are, or when they will appear. Now you don't need to watch the clock or learn the map.. who cares! Wait for the blinking light to tell you where to pile-on.

Maybe it will be a good thing.. its not like more experienced players will just camp the power weapon and grenade the hell out of it while Command Derp and his split screen buddies make a dash for rockets.

You need to learn the map. They do not spawn in random places, or times. There are systems within systems for time. They can be learned. And there will be new strategies for drops.