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IGN - 9.0

Like its protagonist, Starhawk is a half-breed, something out of the ordinary and against tradition. It picks up the narrative slack on the battlefield, where a simple strategy system is an inspiring spin on the third-person shooter.

This hybrid form of thinking and shooting has a layered depth that comes completely to life in multiplayer, where building a fortress to protect a flag is as fun as flying headlong into the enemy’s HQ. Combining these gameplay elements seems so obvious that, in hindsight, it’s a wonder it’s taken this long to take off.

The defining factors of Starhawk will, in all likelihood, garner a strong community to support it for years. Deservedly so: This is multiplayer at its finest, and it’s among the best you’ll find on any platform.

Polygon - 6.5

It's not that Starhawk is a bad game. It's not offensive, and it demonstrates a surprisingly broad range of influences in its attempts to be something different in the online shooter space. But Starhawk feels half-there, like its pieces don't quite fit together, and it can't keep pace with other, better multiplayer titles out there.

PSNation - A

I’ll be honest, when they showed us the Build & Battle in Austin last year, I was a bit worried. In my mind all I could hear was “oh no, they’re turning it into Tower Defense!” When I finally played it though, I saw the potential. The biggest roadblock though is your teammates. If you’re teamed with people that just build whatever they need without thinking about the ramifications, you’re going to have issues. Luckily, the option is there to tear down anything that your teammates build. The single player isn’t just some attempt to give you some training for online, and instead is a well written, tight, and very entertaining campaign with some really cool cutscenes. The multiplayer exceeds every one of my expectations, and the changes made as a result of the beta have moved it forward in so many ways. Sure, some Warhawk zealots, especially those that loved to base-rape everyone in hover mode then speed away, are probably going to complain because this isn’t Warhawk 2. Don’t listen to them. This is a fantastic game that I expect to play for years to come. If this is Lightbox’s first attempt, I can’t imagine what their next game will bring.

TSA (Single Player Review) - 8.0

Starhawk’s single-player campaign is by no means perfect, but it is definitely enjoyable. The Build and Battle system has been well designed, and there are some truly exhilarating moments such as the first time you take a Hawk out into space. Repetition does take the shine off of proceedings somewhat, however. As preparation for the multi-player side of things, the single-player campaign does its job well – you’ll find yourself more than capable of joining a team and kicking some ass.

Gamesradar - 8.0

Starhawk is one of the most unique multiplayer experiences we played in a long time. The RTS elements create significant strategic depth and the action is a blast. Once we got a hang of the somewhat complicated gameplay systems of building bases and driving the various vehicles we didn't want to put the controller down. If you've been looking for engrossing, chaotic, large-scale multiplayer battles, Starhawk is going to satisfy your needs.

OPM UK 8/10

Starhawk is a boiling pot of real time strategy, vehicle combat and third person shooting, designed for gruelling tugs of tactical war. If the space setting appeals and you like shooters with a cerebral bite, there’s plenty to love. Just don’t buy it for the solo campaign alone – the story is thinner than the lunar atmosphere and essentially an elaborate training tool.

Tell me if I missed any.

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