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They only recently started hiring more people for their multiplayer team so I imagine that's taking a while to finish given that we still haven't seen it.

Originally Posted by Irrational Job Page

Programming: Network Programmer

The BioShock Infinite team bets big on everything we do — we strive to be careful about the problems we tackle, innovative in our approach, solid in our implementation, and we polish the heck out of everything we do. Networking is no exception. Right now we’re looking for an talented and experienced individual to help us with the networking aspects of BioShock Infinite. This position will require a combination of initiative, leadership, design, coding, and daily problem solving on multiple target platforms.

If you have the skills and passion for world-class network-connected experiences like BioShock then why not come join a team that has the track record, the autonomy, and the time to do it right?

Universal Responsibility:

We expect people to seek out all relevant information on their subject and be able to respond to spontaneous inquiries on that subject.


Work with the team who created BioShock network code
Advising engineers on how to properly architect their systems for optimal networking
Extending and enhancing Unreal Engine 3 with proprietary networking tech to address gameplay, performance, platform, production, tools, and QA needs
Interfacing with Microsoft, Sony, and other providers about platform-specific services
Working with the Technical Director, Lead Programmers, and IT Director to plan and execute major changes to client-side technology and back-end services
Responsible for delivering a robust, scalable, and responsive client-side networking support on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 platforms


Shipped at least one commercial network-connected game title, preferably on a console
Familiarity with TCP/IP, UDP, and in depth knowledge of game networking models
Deep understanding of strategies for data replication and bandwidth/latency optimization
Excellent C++ proficiency and software engineering intuition
Excellent interpersonal skills, desire to mentor other engineers, and ability to adapt to rapidly-changing requirements

Things that would really make you stand out:

Extensive understanding of Unreal Engine networking
Experience with XBox Live Server Pages, Title Managed Storage, and/or the Sony equivalents
Previous experience developing network back-end support on multi-console title with support for matchmaking, stat tracking and analysis, in-game push updates, etc.


GAF's favorite potential delay reason. ^_^