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Azure I would say essentially the same as my early speculation with a change on 2GB of system memory and a GPU like what I'm speculating on. I have a pretty decent idea of the graphical capabilities, I just don't have the tangible specs. That's why I've said z0m3le has been too high with his speculation.

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Nah, it won't even in the patent diagrams it is inside the bezel. AR stuff it's a perfect fit for the subscreen. Another weird decision on Nintendo's part.

Pssh. Nintendo seems to be recycling parts of the Wii patent that don't even fit with what we've heard about the console. I wouldn't read too much into that until they say for certain there is no rear camera.

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It would still be odd for them to go with an RV770LE over an RV740 in a situation like that. It's bad enough that it would have twice the ROPs and more texture units than the final product, but twice the memory bandwidth as well? The dev kit would end up noticeably faster in some cases.

They may have needed it for the amount of memory in the dev kit. And once again Donnie says what I would have said. :P

And I'm not saying it would be based on the 6670. Just that the final in my view would share similarities to it. Primarily the ALU count.

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That chip, which is basically the A10-4600M is a 32nm 35watt 384sp(ALU) @ 686MHz AND a 4 core 2.3ghz AMD proc... I just can't see Nintendo building a box that could handle 80TDP+ and not use it, a 640sp @ 700MHz would look so much better... ugh, I'm going to bed, maybe things will look better in 7-8 hours.

LOL. I think it will still look the same later. I also believe the Wii case can handle more than its 18W TDP and GC's case with its ~40W? TDP. Most likely depends on how quiet they want to be. In fact I would argue the noise level is the bigger limiter than the current case size.