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(05-26-2012, 07:27 PM)
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Hello, Cookie_Aroma from GameFAQS here. I'm surprised nobody else has debunked this Twitter post yet. The person who made up this tweet made one little mistake (actually two as Yani pointed out). Take a look at the screen capture that the person who saw the tweet took:

Let's compare that to Sakurai's Twitter page now:

Do you see it yet? See the Tweets count in the upper-right-hand corner? It reads "8807 Tweets" for both images. This is the problem. The tweet with the 2 of 3 message should say 8808 tweets if it was actually legitimate. That coupled with the fact that the only witnesses to this tweet were 2 people from the same board (And as Yani pointed out, the tweet says expand instead of view conversation), I'm positive this is a fake.

This kind of thing is actually very easy to photoshop (or gimp in my case). See?

(Saw it at Smashboard)