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Originally Posted by bigjimmystyle

So I grabbed Unit 13. It's awesome. It's truly designed for a portable game console. The demo makes it feel a bit generic but the missions are a lot of fun and designed for quick bursts.

Yep, it's a great game. Had a lot of fun getting it to 100%.

Originally Posted by XxCGSxX

How do we know it's a software bug??????!?!?! I'M SCARED :'( I mean I don't use it a lot but there's a couple of games I'm waiting so I can finally play the shit out of my vita. Was it the last firmware? And how do I hard reset?

Funnily enough I just had a similar issue on my Vita. I forced it to use the web browser while Mortal Kombat was running and the system stopped recognizing inputs from the touch screen.

I've seen a few posts here with similar issues.

If you can fix it by turning the system off holding the power button for about 20 seconds then it's not a hardware issue. If the problem persists I'd suggest contacting Sony.