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Update 2:

Originally Posted by geoffmk

Crazy thread! This isn't new news guys. When I interviewed Mike Capps at GDC for GTTV, I asked him on camera about whether UE4 was targeted for Wii-U, and he said that no, UE3 is more in line with Wii-U(or something like that). That's all I was referencing in the @ reply.

Update 1: Epic: Unreal Engine 4 Platforms 'Unconfirmed Beyond PC'

Epic Games has confirmed to NowGamer that it has yet to confirm which platforms Unreal Engine 4 will be compatible with - other than PC.


Well, since Geoff reads NeoGAF, I figure that at minimum we can get him to clarify if Epic very specifically ruled this out at GDC, or if he is just assuming this because Mark Rein talked about running UE3 on Wii U at GDC.

Since Geoff just filmed a large UE4 episode/infomercial however, I'm guessing he asked directly enough at GDC to not ask again?


As a side note, he also shares some of what will be shown in the episode.