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(06-22-2012, 03:04 PM)
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Originally Posted by pa22word

Tl;Dr version:

1. Spoony makes a rape joke about a female member in the, uh, "that guy" crew

2. People start telling him that's not cool.

3. He flips shit and starts hurling insults at people (including the person who he made said joke at) for "not being able to take a joke"

4. TGWTG suspends him for 4 weeks so he can get his shit together

5. Starts making a bunch of really depressing tweets about how he's as good as hitler, and needs to be punished, and lower than shit, etc, etc

6. Finally snaps today and starts throwing how insults at anyone and everyone who sends him a tweet, including stuff like calling another female "that guy" staff member "ignorant" and a, um, bad word for a female that's slang for genitalia (starts with a c)

7. Spoony's let go from that guy and co

8. Now he's on twitter saying loads of narcissistic crap like he's a "god" and stuff

Dude needs help, seriously....

That sucks. Anything that delays his videos makes me sad =(

Is there a way I can see the video or quote of what he actually said?