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Originally Posted by superfamicom

A few of these are just stupid, but on the whole, they are just a good idea for a way to leave little messages around the house or in places when you are not around for your significant other to remember you and smile.

Just write a message like "love you baby." Or something like that.
This is one of the best ways to keep your relationship strong.

Girls love stuff like that.

I got my girl a small pack of chocolates once and they had little twisted wrappers.
I asked her if I could try one and she said "yes" of course, and I kept the wrapper and had a pre-made love message twisted inside the wrapper.

At a moment when she wasn't looking, I dropped it into her purse.
At a later time when I wasn't around she eventually found the chocolate opened it and saw the message. Mailed me and was super happy.

These are the little things that keeps a relationship healthy.

Really, anything new and unexpected in a relationship will help keep things from feeling stale.

You guys are missing the point.

I do a lot of little things for my wife but I think having her come into the living room as I laugh and pretend I just watched her shitting is not going to make her happy.