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It's still over 3 hours before the stream where Bandai Namco Games announces the release date and price for ToX2, but leaked information from Jump has confirmed that the release date will be Nov 1st 2012 in Japan. I'll update this post after we have more details of the price and the pre-order goodies as well.

Edit: Jump also reveals another character. Ludger has a brother - Julius Will Kresniki. Voiced by Toru Ohsawa.

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Nore's updated his blog with Jump imfo. Alvin and Leia participate in battle and also have new outfits.

Also, the site updated with a little interview. Apparently they started working on Xillia 2 sometime during Xillia 1's development, and they kicked development into full gear once Xillia 1 was finished and they could bring more people over to development of Xillia 2. So Xillia 2's key staff is about the same as Xillia 1's.

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The price is 8,380yen. Ouch. Preorder bonuses include a novel which covers the period between ToX and ToX2, as well as costume DLC, and a PS3 Custom Theme.