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(07-13-2012, 09:10 PM)
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Originally Posted by Danielsan

Thank you for your $60. Now please enjoy our ads so that we can make a shit ton of money.


Seriously, they're a business, they're supposed to make money, why are we grudging them the chance to make money? If someone wants to pay $350k for an advert, let them. It's their money.

The adverts really aren't intrusive beyond the first day. You'll know exactly where everything is to click to it without even looking, and if you want a game just type it into Bing and you'll have it in seconds. The only people bothered by adverts are the people that set out to notice them. Everyone else can just get on with life.

Also, your $60 is for online play and some TV stuff. It has LITERALLY NOTHING to do with advertising. There is no relation whatsoever.