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Emily Chu
(07-18-2012, 04:21 PM)
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I was getting downright depressed, the left side of my 7's screen was becoming very loose and creeky from the silver lining.

Was going to exhanged it at my gamestop they told me they only had enough for preorders
I visited Ifixit and saw that there were some screws inside where the loose side of the screen was. could that be the problem ?

they had this 2.99$ opener thingy but I was like hmm fuck that just carefully gentlely nudged the backside with my fingernails and lo and behold....
tighten up the screws a bit all around NO MORE CREEKY SHITTY LOOSE SCREEN ON THE LEFT SIDE!!!! tight as a button
wtf asus and google and china.......

OMG.... back cover was just a shell..... zero internals
I also liked how there was no "this may void your warranty" shit stickers that connected the two shells together....
now if there was a way to hack a mirco sd card slot and rear camera in there.... hmm...... the plot thickens.....
hell there even seems to be a slot for a rear camera for fuck sakes....

good as new and right as rain : D

oh and I consider the battery user replaceable now :P