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(08-05-2012, 11:05 PM)
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Here's the first screen shot of the new PoP Game:

It was originally posted on the official Prince of Persia forums.

Please note that POP Zero 2 is written on the bottom... It is align with everything that we know about the game.

1) its a reboot. original PoP Zero was going to be modern day and was code named PoP Zero. Hence this reboot is going to be PoP Zero 2.
2) POP 2008's sequel assets were used in making POP TFS Wii.
3) God of War - lite
4) Ubi was working on a new IP for next gend that would have been like God of War meets Shadow of the Colossus. I think they have decided to make it the POP 2 remake.

Update: According to Jordan Mechner that this is not a new PoP Game:

So could this be the new IP that Ubi is working on ie. Shadow of the Colossus meets God of War in a Egyptian setting...