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Check your sources man! And like I say... who is he... and ... 5 posts! Come on.

It is true that I was told that and even lherre said it at one point in the old WUST thread. Until we know for sure otherwise, I still think the first kit used a modified Xenon and it was dropped in the second kit. Vigil is on record as saying things they did in the first kit couldn't be done in the second. The first kit CPU having SMT was pretty consistently mentioned, but talk about that went away.

Side note: I asked one of those people I mentioned in that post what he had to say about Espresso's postings, and while he said he would check into it, he did say the CPU's code name was Espresso. So take that as you will.

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I don't think so, Tim. A very small % of forumers who saw Samaritan and the other demos/games "couldn't separate the art from the tech" and weren't impressed. Go read the threads. You'll also notice one other common trait amongst most (not all) of these people who didn't notice much of a difference: they're Nintendudes (can I trademark this term?). The guy who posted in this thread saying as much, Snowden's Secret, is a Nintendude. Someone had to say it. I'm tired of beating around the bush. Every one of these graphics threads is filled with people with hidden agendas and not-so-obvious biases but rarely do people mention it.

Compared to the past it is quite a few which is my point. And there you go again labeling it as being "Nintendo fans" as being the ones and having hidden agendas and whatever. Go back and look at those threads and you'll see that's not the case.

When it's come to these "biases", you've been the one continually harping on them. And at times to the point where they don't even exist.