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Ok I'll do my best to translate Michael Ancel's Wii U interview.

He starts saying Nintendo has a tough job to do to explain Wii U. It's like having a whole new cooking recipe, and you can't put words on it: people have to taste it.

He says it's hard to see, but for him Wii U is a core gamer concept. It brings new tools to gamers, and to games, while not removing what they already had. Instead of simplifying, like the Wii did, we are now facing a monument in videogames in terms of potential complexity.

He comments the multi layers approach: touchscreen ; classic joysticks ; or both mixed, which is a whole different thing. Nintendo's direction was hard for developpers to understand at first, since they had the impression they had to merge two worlds that had nothing in common. Eventually, it's this problematic that will create its value.

He then talks about Rayman Legends, and how it's as if there is a level designer that changes the playfield in realtime. He mentions a gameplay feature he's not allowed to talk about yet: the GamePad player will be able to litteraly dig in the scenery a la Dig Dug. He says asymmetric gameplay is great, because of this new kind of interaction, people will shout at each other.

He then says Wii U is a machine that has an enormous memory. They have almost no limitations in terms of memory, which is perfectly suited to 2D games, which use memory a lot for textures, drawings, etc.

He says Wii U is a surprising machine, which can display full HD on the main screen while streaming a different image at 800X480 on the tablet, and keeping a 60 i/s framerate.

He loves how Wii U opens LAN possibilities.

Despite being a rather powerful machine, he says Wii U is not a traditionnal next gen, with graphical revolutions. Nintendo made different next gen choices.

At last he says he's not sure yet if Wii U can handle his vision of BGE2, because he only has a 2D experience with it so far.

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