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Dion Blaster
(09-10-2012, 10:14 PM)
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Originally Posted by wsippel

Going through all the recent hires paints a picture:

- Two Vigil character artists
- One Vigil creature artist
- Uncharted 3 environment artist
- Black Ops level designer
- Borderlands and Rage lead artist
- Mythic and Bioware MMO engine engineer
- Out-of-core specialist
- Unit13 and InFamous 2 designer

I see first person, open world and fantasy.

I definitely see open world and fantasy, but I see just as much third person as first. I could easily see this being Zelda, Metroid, or a new IP. I think those 3 possibilities are what everyone expects. Retro would not waste their time on an on-rails shooter like Star Fox. It just doesn't seem up their alley.