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(09-19-2012, 03:06 AM)
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Some pretty interesting stuff in the SMT4 scans from Famitsu this week:

- Characters are designed by Doi, as expected, meh
- Meguro is not doing the soundtrack, Ryota Kozuka (???) is
- No Kaneko
- New demons are all designed by designers from various Kamen Rider and other similar type of Japanese live action stuff
- Main character isn't voiced! Yay
- Some of the battle graphics do look very much improved from Strange Journey, but it's still weird
- I think I see something that looks like a world map, but it might look like some sort of location selector like in SJ too.... not sure
- The story is set in some post-Tokyo-fucked-up-bigtime future, where Tokyo as we know it has fallen into darkness and the demon invasion is spreading
- The main characters are "Samurai" from Mikado of the East, a country where the Samurai wear gauntlets equipped with the Demon Summoning Program to fight demons