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- Can place a Reset Management Center. Mr. Resetti will appear after you have placed this on the map.
- Return of Don Resetti.
- Brewster's Coffee Shop is separate and you can build it. If you go there a lot you can begin a 'part-time job'.
- Can drink coffee outside.
- Can build two types of Police Stations. The police officer will vary by the type you choose.
- New Villager: Hamsuke, a hamster, born May 30th. Brisk personality.
- New Villager: Brittany, a pig, born November 14th. Mature personality.
- New Villager: Anthony, a horse, born May 22. Smug Personality.
- New Personality: Smug; talks indirectly but acts like a gentleman. Pure, so you can't hate them.
- New Villager: Takoya, an octopus, born March 8th. Shaped like takoyaki. Carefree personality.
- New Villager: Frappe, a penguin, born February 22nd, lively personality.
- Lyle now works for the Happy Home Academy.
- Picnics available (blanket, chairs, picnic basket)
- New flowers.
- Return of cherry blossoms.
- Can eat ice-cream cones.
- Seen planting the tree seen on the box art. This is your first act as Mayor. It will grow as your city does.
- Can build camping grounds, bridges, wells, jungle gyms, benches, and those face-hole photograph things.
- Receive donations from villagers and even other players to fund the building.
- Clothing types: Tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, socks, hats, accessories.

New Villager: Doremi, deer, born March 26
New Villager: Sunairu, gorilla, born December 5th
New Villager: Hajime, elephant, born September 7th
Flower Shop: Owned by Reiji, sells seeds for flowers, tree saplings, gardening tools, house plants. Open 10:00~8:00PM. He's a sloth, and lazy, so he may sometimes not be in the shop.
Museum: Open 24 hours. Will have 'planned exhibitions' of items outside those which you give them. Also a Museum Shop run by Blather's little sister.
Able Sisters: 8:00~9:00PM. Contains an accessory corner now.
Nook Housing: 10:00~8:00PM, parts to decorate your house change every day. Run by Tom Nook.
Speck Shop: Appears to be taking the place of Tom Nook's old shop, run by twin tanookis. Sells daily goods like cups for your house. Open 8AM~10PM, Starts of small and grows. Opening hours vary by type.
Shank the Skunk runs a shoe store, Lisa the llama runs the recycle shop.
Start the game off in a tent.
Bunnie, Chevre, Peanut return as villagers.

Mock and kill me if old. Taken from various scans over the last week.

Releases in 7 weeks.