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Originally Posted by eznark

Is Revolution getting cancelled? I'm halfway through the it worth watching?

Every indication in terms of DVR usage indicates it'll be around for a while. It's doing very well.

Originally Posted by Bladenic

So this means that some shows who get lower ratings on TV might still stick around if they get good ratings on Hulu, etc?

Potentially. It means that there's a 3rd party metric that can track online usage and demographic data and how it compares to live viewing. It makes it much easier to sell get more ad dollars. The problem so far is that Hulu can say "we have 3 bajillion viewers" but no one knows if they're telling the truth or not. And how does that compare to something like Or There wasn't a uniform method to track for advertisers to see. Now there is.

If a show isn't performing quite as well on traditional methods but is killing it online, then maybe. Usually, a show that does well on the air also does well online. But there are some that might overperform online. And then it could help it score a renewal.

This also means that CBS will probably be more open towards putting their content online.
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