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Originally Posted by PowderedToast

what has happened here:

- anti-japanese sentiment has reached a tipping point in western press
- capcom are an acceptable developer to criticise due to their mixed business practices
- the game is bloated and excessive, but it's also difficult and has a steep learning curve

consequently, re6 becomes the perfect target to;

a. prove journalistic integrity by tearing down an AAA title
b. slaughter a hugely popular japanese brand with a sound 'motive'

reality: re6 still contains more imagination and innovation than most (if not all) AAA western games.

This hits the nail on the head, and describes why I give no mind to what reviewers have to say.

I feel like journalists are falling over themselves to criticize this game (and, by association, Capcom). They get to regain journalistic integrity by saying, "Hey, we give AAA games bad scores!" But in reality they're only doing it in a safe situation where the hardcore gamer public wouldn't crucify them because Capcom is a safe target. It's like criticizing EA; everyone will cheer you along, so it doesn't really take guts to do so.

I played the demo, and while it wasn't perfect and was somewhat awkward, I cannot for the life of me justify 3s and 4s. Really guys? This game doesn't seem like a broken mess of glitchy mechanics and broken design. Using words like "garbage" to dismiss the game just sounds like the kind of nonsense spouted by an oblivious journalist stroking his ego up in his ivory tower, all the while knowing that his sycophantic followers will be baying for Capcom's blood no matter what.

I hate to keep bringing this up, but Skyrim on PS3 was an objectively broken pile of garbage software; there can be no argument on that point. Did it get mauled in the review department? Hell no. But Bethesda is beloved by fans, whereas Capcom has a legion of haters.

Journalistic integrity indeed.