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Typical Klinsmann roster with obvious choices, a few decent picks, and a few WTF picks...

Not sure how Beckerman keeps getting called in no matter how he performs.
Not sure how Edu keeps getting called in even though he can't complete a pass with the national team and has barely played since joining Stoke City.
And I can't believe Alan Gordon and Eddie Johnson made it over Altidore, Wondolowski, Boyd, etc.

Originally Posted by Nesotenso

JK probably left out Jozy after that interview where he said Jozy needs to work harder ( sentiment I agree with to a certain extent) and Jozy responded wit this tweet (which he deleted later, so that tells you a lot)

I didn't know about this. I may agree with Jozy but that was probably not a smart idea... leave the bitching about Klinsmann's incompetence to the fans

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Altidore's brilliant goal for anyone who hasn't seen it yet

Klinsmann's comments are so f'ing ridiculous considering he uses three (and at times four) defensive midfielders at a time...