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UK HaloGAFfers! Prepare yourself:

gamerbase in association with Microsoft are proud to bring you the Halo 4 Preview Tour! Halo 4 is set to hit our shelves on 6th November and we are going to give you a chance to play the game between 23rd and 26th October. Microsoft will be bringing the game to all 4 gamerbase superstores and letting you try out the game completely free of charge!

Halo 4 is likely to be one of the biggest selling games of the year, continuing the Halo story we all love. Read on for details of how you can play it!

To find out more details on this event and register your interest head over to our facebook pages from the links below, and say you are coming! Thats it! You can just turn up on the day, but to help us with scheduling, we'd appreciate your notice!:

Trocadero - 23rd October - 4pm - 10pm

Manchester - 24th October - 4pm - 8pm

Glasgow - 25th October - 4pm - 8pm

Edinburgh - 26th October - 4pm - 8pm

Originally Posted by Zeouterlimits

How does what we're seeing there make Forge play better?

The magnetize feature is pretty good and will help a lot of people to create better maps. In a lot of the community created maps edges stick out, Forge parts aren't connected properly or there are some gaps. Furthermore there is the dynamic lighting which makes the map look better in a lot of ways. Small changes and addition.