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Search and coudnt find anything.

From CAG,

Sorry for the long post guys. This comes from an official Walmart document being shared with employees and layaway. The ad for in-store preorders will run in Sunday's Walmart circular 10/14/12. Details below if someone wants to add to the wiki. There is a limit of only 2 preorders per person.

Wii U Layaway Reservation Process
Starts: Sunday, October 14 - Ends: Thursday November 1 (or until allocated qty sold)

• The Wii U Black Deluxe Console Set can be reserved, Oct. 14 through Nov.1 using the Holiday Layaway system.
• IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to limited quantities the period to reserve your copy could end sooner
o Sales block will be placed on item number once allocated quantity has been met.
• Utilize the Holiday Layaway process to execute the reservation of the Wii U console.
• Layaway service fee of $5 and 10% down applies to reserve the console.

• Obtain a folder for the Wii U Black Deluxe console reservation process to hold the layaway package labels for all
pre-sold reservations and secure the folder in the layaway area.
• Create a layaway bin label and apply it to the folder.

1. Scan barcode of the Black Deluxe Console.(While supplies last)
2. Register will prompt Product Care Plan, Optional. Without a serial number scan the upc two times.
Wii U Deluxe Console
Item 550924127
UPC 45496880866
3. IMPORTANT NOTE: Customer may pay a majority of the balance in the initial transaction, but no matter what
there must be a minimum balance of at least one penny, $.01 left on the account when reserving the console.
• This will assist with tracking when the customer returns to pick up the game.
4. Complete transaction and print one package label for each reserved unit.
5. Bin and place the package label(s) in the Wii U reservation folder.
6. Remind the customer on the following elements;
• Wii U launches at 12:01 am on Nov.18 and will be available for pickup.
• Pickup location is the layaway desk, not the Electronics register.
• Return with receipt for a smooth pickup on launch date.
7. Place the pre-sell Wii U folder in a secure location under the layaway register until the launch date of Nov.18 at

Receiving Reserved Wii U Consoles
1. Pre-sold Wii U consoles will arrive into stores DTS Wednesday Nov. 14 through Friday Nov. 16.
• Carton will be marked; Wii U Layaway Merchandise; Take to Store Manager for Midnight launch on
2. Take the reserved consoles to the security room until boxes can be labeled and binned.
3. Apply the package labels from the reservation folder to each unit, re-assign the reserved consoles to the proper
storage location and bin until 12:01am on 11/18 launch night.
Midnight Launch
1. Be prepared before the midnight launch
2. Ensure the Layaway area is staffed with a layaway trained associate for the midnight launch.
• Support manager, Assistant manager, etc.
3. Have the deluxe console set and folder secured under the layaway register Saturday night at 11:45pm
4. When the customer picks up their Wii U console
• Ask for the receipt and complete the layaway transaction
• Cross through the package label located in the folder with a pen.
5. Add-on attachment sales by having the following item displayed at launch.
• Cards, Controllers, Games, Charging cradle