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(10-16-2012, 09:33 PM)
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The Chinese securities firms have been actively reporting about Foxconn, Lingsen/InvenSense and Coxon Group today and yesterday. I found this interesting:

Estimated according exploring TRi Nintendo Wii U listed just in time for the end of the year Christmas season, estimated the 4th quarter of this year, sales volume of up to 300 million units. Looking to next year, driven by new machine Wii Series 2013 shipments of approximately 12.8 million units, the annual growth rate of 5 percent, a game console sales volume championship next year.


It's of course Engrish (translated with Google Translate) so it's difficult to understand what is meant here. Most interesting is the mention of "sales volume of up to 300 million units". Could it be software sales?

2. WiiU brightness relative Concept shares interesting. (BUSINESS the securities front page)
Recommendation: Japan's Nintendo (Nintendo) hoping to take the end of November, European and American Thanksgiving shopping season, a new generation of game consoles Wii U will be Nov. 18 in the United States Went on sale. The the Taiwan plant Wii U chassis supply, assembled by Foxconn and Valley Song also hung quasi 2354 Foxconn overall benefit from the degree of Wii U darker and iPhone 5 theme of the 2354 Hung quasi proposed to maintain buy, 2012, 2013 year EPS were 6.2, 8.4, recommended in the 3607 Valley Song Established. The 2369 Mitsubishi Health also supply Wii U MEMS, MEMS customers only InverSense showed a trend of high growth and accounted for only Mitsubishi Health revenue 5%, Born 2369 Mitsubishi operational impact is not large, and the second half of the year performance flat fourth quarter into analog products off-season, neutral recommendations. Another 2337 Macronix also supply Wii U Nor Flash quantity and contribution level is not high, it is recommended that for the neutral.


I don't know if this Mitsubishi Healthcare has anything to do with Wii U, but 2369 is Lingsen anyway. I've seen comments about the chassis being manufactured now as well. Coxon Group manufactures the chassis.