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(10-20-2012, 10:00 PM)
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Originally Posted by duckroll

Kinda suspect this is going to be really disappointing when unveiled. It doesn't sound or look like a big title at all, but a much lower budget thing they're using to attract fans while all their main teams are working on something else. Reusing "classic" characters, reinforcing that this is "not Disgaea 5", coming out just 2 months after the big PS3 game the real Disgaea team is working on, and.... looking like this:

I dunno... lol.

Umm but the sprites they will use for this game are exactly the same they used for Disgaea 4, here's a comparison:

The first row are sprites directly ripped from Disgaea 4, the second are exactly the same and will be in the game if you use the code to change their appearances, and the last row are the sprites with the new designs.

The ones with the new designs are exactly the same sprites from D4 but with little changes, like Laharl's pants, Etna's boots and with Flonne they just added a ribbon on her thigh lol.