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Originally Posted by PaulLFC

But see, this is the thing. What will raise more awareness of the issue - journalists talking, mostly amongst themselves, on Twitter, or writing an article about it on a high-traffic website like Gamespot? I'm willing to bet it'll be the latter. I don't see how it'd be a waste of time either, the issue is one that needs discussing, especially if as you say it's been talked about for years - highlight it, raise awareness.

Sorry, but pretending this issue doesn't exist where it matters and where it is visible (you know, on your website) is hiding the same as hiding it.

"Oh but we're discussing it on Twitter" is not a defense.

It further cements the wolfpack mentality Rab was bringing to light in the first place.

Tedious indeed.

It's lose-lose mate. 99% of our audience don't give a crap about this stuff. Plus, it's not gaming news. That's why Jon Walker wrote is excellent peice (which I fully agree with) on his personal blog. It's friggin late October. If this happened in June and we were all sitting on our hands, perhaps a few more blogs would go up - but write now most of us are too busy trying to get through the busiest part of the year.

I've said some pretty candid things on twitter and on here, and I have no problem honestly answering questions on the matter. I may post something about it in the future - but the folks who act like children in our industry react a lot more to internet fury than blog posts from their peers. They certainly never listened to our vocal critisisms before.

I'm sure certain websites (those who's hands have been muddied by this whole affair) are telling their staff to keep shut - but don't paint us all with the same brush. Some of us make very sure to act properly, and have been publically vocal about it with everyone on twitter. You don't get much more open than that mate.