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Originally Posted by RedNumberFive

It doesn't matter which way the transaction goes, in legitimate business giving these gifts is as bad as receiving them. Game publishers are just as culpable as you. Bottom line, if you consider yourself even remotely professional, you should adhere to either a formal or personal set of ethics guidelines, because whether perceived or true, a conflict of interest DOES exist. All I'm hearing is excuses for accepting gifts.

Most of those gifts go to our editor-in-chief and he gives a lot of them away to the community. I refuse to believe those things have any substantial role in our review-scores. They're toys, most of the time. Not actual bribe money.

Sure, you can keep talking about the pr gifts, but imo...they're not the biggest problem in the gaming press industry. That's why I refuse to believe they hold any value. When the time comes and I have to play a game, my brain is focused on that game. If it's awful, it's awful.

I would have quit this hobby a long time ago if I was doing it for those gifts. If my review disc comes with figurine or art book, I'm really not gonna spend time and money to send it back to the publisher. It'll change nothing.