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Are Shawn Elliot and Jeff Green message board conspiracy theorists, too?

I'll sum up my perspective on it like this:

Writer Ron Jonson sneaked into the Bilderberg Bohemian Grove ceremony (another reading recommendation: ). As part of his reporting for his book he had crackpot Alex Jones with him (basically combining two threads of the same story about conspiracy theorists in one fucking hilarious field trip). All Jonson was going to do to get in was dress like a wealthy asshole and wear an entitled expression as he got to the gates. It worked. Jones, however, suspected that Jonson was a Bilderberg spy and instead climbed a cliff and tumbled through poison oak before crashing the party like a less funny Chris Farley. Jonson documented what he saw as an absurd and slightly perverted crypto-fraternity party for dull dickheads with money, time, and ego to spare. Jones, of course, was convinced that he had tumbled through the gates of hell itself and was happy to survive his encounter with Satan. Those who look for literal money hats are like Jones in that they allow the dudes at Bohemian Grove to laugh off their lunatic detractors. Meanwhile, with his more measured approach, Jonson is able to start unravelling a real and no less interesting story.