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I appreciate the posts and everything you have written has been great but at the very least since it is a hot topic at the moment it seems reasonable that it would be posted for discussion on Kotaku, especially considering the amount of fluff that gets posted at times. Wouldn't this be considered more important information for gamers than a Mario cake?

Inside baseball: we usually have a healthy mixture of short and long stories. Short stories - like, say, a Square Enix sale - take roughly ten minutes to write. Long stories - like, say, a piece about the current state of SC2 or an exposé on Silicon Knights - take significantly longer. I imagine a story like this one (a story that would require a lot of thought, consideration, and reaching out to involved parties) would fall squarely into the latter category.

More inside baseball: one of our goals as a website is to spend our time and energy on long stories that are authoritative and interesting to broader audiences - the type of story we might want to share with friends over a beer, for example. One of the reasons I haven't put time into this story is that it just doesn't fit with those goals, in my mind.

Please don't interpret that as "omg you guys are kowtowing to publishers" or "omg you guys are sticking up for corruption." I've made my opinions on this whole situation quite clear. (Journalists advertising games to win PS3s = gross; journalists working for publishers they cover = despicable. That doesn't mean that those people are gross or despicable, nor does it mean they should be harassed or ostracized - everyone makes mistakes.) It's just not necessarily the type of story I think fits with what our site is trying to do.

I hope that's explained everything, and that even if you disagree with me, you at least understand where I'm coming from. I'll try to answer a couple more questions if I can, but I'm heading out for the night very shortly!