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(10-27-2012, 03:06 AM)
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Originally Posted by RedNumberFive

jschreier here has an opportunity to engage in actual, honest to goodness, journalism, and instead he's content with Mario themed wedding cakes and Street Fighter cosplay. Listen man, I think you're a decent guy, but you're being disingenuous if you're saying that this isn't real news. Show us your true investigative writing chops, and prove us wrong.

I didn't say it wasn't real news. I said that I'm not particularly interested in writing about it (and admittedly I've thought a lot more about this in the past hour or two than I have all week - this sort of topic just doesn't interest me all that much), and that it might not fit the website that employs me. We don't often cover media issues like this. Remember, not every gaming website has to cover every issue (and the web would sure be a boring place if they did). You don't have to agree; I just want to make my reasoning clear.