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No, journalism is an industry predicated on integrity and truth. Everyone in the industry should know that and act accordingly. If you don't report on violations of that integrity, you aren't doing your duty and you're also in violation.

And it's also not uncommon for journalists to scrutinize themselves. I know I mentioned On the Media before, but here's a description of the show from wikipedia:

As defined by co-host Garfield, On the Media covers "…anything that reaches a large audience—either electronically or otherwise…. Plus, throw into that anything that covers First Amendment issues; anything that has to do with freedom of speech, privacy, is also in our portfolio."[2] The show explores how the media are changing, and their effects on America and the world. Many stories are centered on events of the previous week and how they were covered in the news. These often consist of interviews with reporters about the dilemmas they face in covering controversial issues.

Stories regularly cover such subjects as the use of video news releases, net neutrality, digital broadcast flags, media consolidation, censorship, freedom of the press, the influence of 24-hour cable news television coverage, media oppression, and how the media are changing with technology.

The show also addresses questions about how the media is influenced or spun by politicians, corporations, and interest groups with the intent to shape public opinion.

This is a regular, weekly show on NPR and is completely accepted. Again this is just one example that, yes, you can be critical but still respectful of those in journalism.
For those journalists that said they don't feel comfortable talking about their fellow journalists, just look at the description of one of the recent segments On the Media did:

This week, a full hour of highlights from our exploration of liberal bias and public media, which we conducted in March of 2011. Brooke talks to NPR listeners, pollsters, media watchers, and This American Life's Ira Glass in search of an answer to the question: does NPR have a liberal bias?

This is a nationally syndicated show on NPR doing a story on whether NPR has a liberal bias.
It's not that taboo to talk about journalism. It's really not.