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Originally Posted by chickdigger802

really? Any links? I gotta pay attention more :X

Yeah. I posted them above. These were the two big stories that come immediately to mind when it comes to the press covering other journalists who have fucked up. It's not new and the press will talk about itself (even if it takes a lot of nudging).

This is plagiarism at Canada's biggest national newspaper and The New Yorker, so journalistic ethics are lost even at the highest levels. But still, just because it's "games journalism" doesn't meant that we as readers shouldn't hold people to the same standards as "real journalists".

More importantly, other games journalists shouldn't be afraid to call out the junk that happens in their own profession because one bad apple will spoil the bunch and, as this thread has shown, call into question the entire profession.

Originally Posted by excaliburps

I admit, I sometimes or often don't agree with Arthur's statements but this one is right on the money.

There's a reason why not everyone of us is doing an expose or feature concerning what happened here. It's not as cut-and-dry as most people think. And before anyone assumes, no. It's not about money or bowing down to PR or whatnot. This"Going negative about other sites is toxic, and most readers don't like that kind of content. It's lose lose. None of which stopped me from going on an extended twitter tirade about it, which I still don't know if I should have done, because it's more complicated than "write the story idiot." and the fact that reporting or talking about another site on the site you work for isn't really seen in a good light and whole ton of other factors play into it.

If "real journalists" can do it, why not game journalists?