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Has there been any discussion among those that you talk to about why some people on this forum have a negative view about the press? I think that it's something that's been building here for years. Whether it be questionable reviews, trips, freebies, or lack of coverage of major issues (Skyrim PS3, PS3 hack, FIFA 360 scamming etc.), it's all been leading to this point where everything boils over. It's another issue that seems like it should be a big deal but receives very little attention (if any) on the major sites. And those are the sites that people are most concerned about.

Just today we learned this

That's why people are irritated by the lack of coverage. Obviously this isn't something that everyone in the industry is doing. So why the lack of coverage? It just seems like something that you'd expect others journalist (those that aren't influenced by PR) to want to weed out so that they can be trusted more. And then we see Rab's recent piece about how people in the industry are telling him to just let it go or move on. Why do they want this issue, something that's quite serious for their profession, to be swept under the rug?

I can't speak for everyone else. I wouldn't presume to. And the things that are said to me in confidence by people i know are to be kept in confidence. And as far as Shawn having a discussion with me, I know Shawn. Not well, mind you, but we've hung out a bit. Talked like human beings. Slept in the same hotel room. Ate pink rice. He's a personal acquaintance. So when he approaches me in a critical way, I have an easier time understanding where he's coming from.

I can't speak for Colin either, because I only know him a little. He's a super nice guy, and I've never seen anything to suggest the kind of behavior he's being accused of. I also wouldn't report on something like that without crazy sourcing and triple confirmation, because even the accusation of shit like that can ruin someone's career.

But you have to understand something else, and maybe GAF loses sight of this. The press I deal with 99 percent of the time is not the press caught up in this particular row, for good or ill. I don't know anyone from eurogamer, for example. Games media tends to be geographically insular. So when people talk about press defending the shadier shit that's happened in this situation over the last week, I personally haven't seen any of that. And I follow most of the high profile people on twitter. So I can't speak to defensiveness, outside of MCVUK et al's behavior, which seems gross to me, looking from the outside and with little factual information outside of hearsay.

If we reported on game rumors with as little substantiated information as this situation, we'd be accused of trolling for clicks. Or of falling for a reddit trap, or something.

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Frankly, it's a little fucking disappointing too. When I was in the hospital as kid reading issues of EGM one of my dreams was to become a journalist. I looked up to a lot of game journalists. Despite my horrible grammar and spelling in this post, I went to college to become a journalist and graduated cum laude. Reading about a lot of the inside baseball shit later in life was, frankly, kind of soul crushing. Little stuff like ex-EGM staff writing that Ed Semrad didn't actually write half of his editorials or reviews. Shit about being blacklisted for not playing ball. It's just disappointing. I take my lumps regularly, but I've never put myself in a situation where I've had to question my morals. I just wish you guys had editors that would go to bat for you and you'd be more transparent sometimes.

I don't question my morals, or my ethics. I act in a way that is consistent with my personal ethics. I do have editors that go to bat for me. And as a section editor, I also go to bat for the people that write for me. I don't know what transparency people want from us that they're not getting. I've disclosed literally every event I've ever gone to, at least on Twitter, and often in the articles themselves for review events.

If it makes you feel any better, the absolutely crazy shit that happened back in the day doesn't happen much anymore. This year especially, events have been considerably more subdued. But nothing is even close to the insanity of the 80s and 90s, or even the first half of the 00s.