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Originally Posted by EternalGamer

I appreciate most of what you said in this post and it seems reasonable but could you explain what you mean by a "non-endemic deal"? If you mean outside the realm of gaming advertising, I'm not sure how Microsoft fits that label.

The money that Microsoft spends to advertise windows and internet explorer is different than the money they spend on games advertising on video game sites. Endemic ads, which are ads about the subject matter being covered, generally, go for lower rates typically than non-endemic ads. It would be like accepting money from sony to advertise their televisions, which would be far more lucrative than playstation ads.

Our ad model is similar to, say, Wired magazine. Or Playboy. Or GQ. It's targeted towards mens interest, not gamers specifically. The business sites that have covered our launch this week go into it better than I could.

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Has there been any interest in looking into this after the story was published? I'm sure you realize these type of stories exist somewhere and that PR sends these press kits to influence press. Would Polygon run a researched investigative story on these type of deals or would it damage your relationship too much with other press members and publishers to make it worth the hits you would receive for the story? Is that something Polygon thinks about when they are going to write a story?

This would be a question for Brian, not me. I'm Reviews Editor, which has its own various responsibilities, and I write features sometimes. 99 percent of the press kits I have are the game and a reviewers guide/fact sheet/asset disc or USB drive. Almost everything else is a piece of garbage, which is where it goes.