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Originally Posted by EternalGamer

I'm not sure that I buy the general idea here that a big company like MS or Sony wouldn't care to apply advertising pressure just because it's a different division. But my problem was never really with ad revenue in the first place.

My problem is mainly with the crazy hype PR machine circus that attempts to make you guys feel like you are VIP with a backstage pass to hot new AAA releases. The whole cult of the new game thing is just so different from the way I approach gaming these days in general. But I just constantly hear about this interest in the next big thing from the gaming press even when they are just talking about what they are playing or interested in in their spare time.

We don't have to guess at what people are interested in. We can see what they're searching for, and how they get to the site. It's driven by bigger games. That might suck, but it is what it is.