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Originally Posted by B-Dex

AGAIN, it's like you refuse to understand the point. They don't have to explicitly say "Make sure you give this at least a 9 cause they spent 10k on advertising on our site." Most likely no one would say that to you.

It's not meant to be as obnoxious as that. They plant little seeds... And when a glowing, let's say ACIII review gets posted when your website is PLASTERED in assassin's creed ads... are you gonna take everything said in that "review" to heart or are you going to be skeptical because Ubisoft bought all your ad space? (Even if the reviewer had no knowledge of the advertising. Meanwhile they've sent that reviewer custom made rare flag and swag kit worth over 2k with a letter stating how awesome your coverage was of their game to get the hype going.)

Perhaps I'm not explaining myself very well. Press kits do not plant little seeds in my head. They bother me. I never got a flag or anything like that (maybe someone else in the office did; not sure) but if I did, I imagine if anything it would have a negative influence on me, since I'd have to lug around a giant flag and go throw it out or donate it or whatever. Getting packages filled with this stuff every week is a major pain in the ass. I am not exaggerating or lying when I say that all I want is for publishers to send me their games, nothing more.

In what other ways do you think the advertisements on my website affect me? Maybe AC3 ads would pop up at the same time as an AC3 review, and sure, it'd certainly be understandable if readers were skeptical of that, but that's all way out of my control as a reviewer.