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Jeff Green pimping Doritos on Oktoberkast

I'm glad this is getting mocked and satirized. It deserves to. But a lot of game writers are defending it like these comments from Weekend Confirmed:

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I think people are just pissed off that a guy who is very successful is successful in this way. That you are able to be perceived as selling out because you are paid to sit in front of products that he is seen sitting in front of.

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The nice thing is that he isn't sitting there with a copy of Darksiders 2 saying I love THQ. He is sitting there with a bag of Doritos.

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The idea that we shouldn't have personal relationships in PR, I think that is silly.

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I think the idea that we get stuff for free or that there is a payola is just such bullcocky, I tell you.

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Are people crucifying Keighley for having Doritos and Mountain Dew as sponsors? I mean, like I don't understand those are like key things for this demo. I mean, I love Doritos. I don't care if he has those in the shot. ... It is [a perfect relationship between Mountain Dew, Doritos and Halo]. That's their audience. The young male, 18-35 male who is the primary demo for videogames. Those are two key products that that demographic enjoys. . . . A lot of Americans grew up with Mountain Dew. It's part of American culture. It's iconic of that demo.

I want to talk about this last concept that this is a "perfect relationship that benefits gamers" line because it is the exactly same thing that Keighley says in that ridiculous video.

It in no way "benefits gamers" for Mountain Dew and Doritos to be offering "double exp" with their products. This bullshit needs to be called what it is. If the designers of the game wanted people to level up faster in the multiplayer, they could simply increase the experience rate themselves rather than having people buy a bunch of junkfood to accomplish this task.

Furthermore the direct way they are trying to manipulate the audience into thinking this is some great ideal relationship and have Master Chief out there shilling for their soda is fucking insulting to the intelligence of their audience. It is embarassing to me as a consumer who has actually bought all the Halo games thus far. It makes me not want to buy this one because, frankly, my intelligence is being insulted by this kind of marketing.

Advertising needs to exist, obviously. But there is no reason Microsoft has to pimp out Master Chief; the Halo franchise makes piles of money; that's just plain greed. Furthermore, on the games media side, there is a big difference between requiring advertisers and becoming an outright shill for their products saying things that you goddamn know aren't true like "This Mountain Dew double XP is great for gamers."

I like Keighley. I hope he takes these knocks and moves on and maybe even learns a bit of a lesson. But I am very happy that at least this part of the story is getting deservingly satirized by some. It is troubling that is being so vehemently defended by others. It makes me really wonder what kind of standards they have. Not to mention how trashy their tastes are.